Mary Charles

Obituary of Mary Anna Charles

Mary Anna Charles was born Trinidad West Indies on September 23rd 1951, passed in peace at the age of 69, January 21, 2021. She was a pillar to her Caribbean heritage, its people and culture. Mary would often say “Do not regret growing older, it is a privilege denied to many”. She lived a life full of service to community, religion and loved with a full heart and kindness.

Survived by her loving mother, Matilda Charles, and loving child, Angel Christopher Charles. Predeceased by sister Pamela Charles Mitchell.

Sister of Theresa Conliffe, Aunt of Tessa Conliffe, Allister Conliffe and Michelle & Lisa Harris, Loraine Mclean and great aunt to Kianna Conliffe, Malik Conliffe, and Shlise Campbell, Nikita Campbell, Miceala Harris, nephew-in-law of Abrar Memom and great-great-great aunt to Zayn Memon.

Sister of Joseph Charles and sister-in-law to Udaya Charles, Aunt to Jody Charles, Jason Charles, niece-in-law of Asia Charles and great aunt to Sade Charles, Aunt to Natasha Sterling, nephew-in-law of Levar Sterling, and Aunt to Mark Charles.

Sister of Patricia Wright Muir and sister-in-law of Marvin Muir and Aunt to Michelle Wright.

Sister of Petra Christopher, friend of Kevin Guppy, sister-in-law of deceased Orin Christopher, Aunt of Jamil Christopher, Myles Christopher, Tryson Christopher and niece-in-law of Lindsey Christopher- great aunt to Isaiah Christopher.

Further survived by sister of Martha Charles, brother-in-law Keston Baptiste and deceased nephew Keston Baptiste Junior. And an inspiration to Andre Burnette (youngest adopted brother).

Family of Valerie Greenidge, Cousin of Sonia Greenidge, great cousin of Tammy and Jordan Greenidge.

“Nene” of Caneisha & Cherica Edwards, adored friend of Wendy & Raymond Edwards.  

And a loving child, mother, sister, niece, aunt, cousin, great friend and family to all. 


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