Price Shoppers

It is savvy for anyone to do their homework before making a big purchase. More and more people are pricing funeral homes against each other in order to get the best price for a loved one's service.

Unfortunately, many people are going about this the wrong way and are calling around and asking the funeral home what their service charge is for the given package that they have selected. The problem with this is the funeral home can either have a high price on service charge. and a low or moderate up charge on the merchandise, or vice versa.

For Example :

Funeral Home A - One Day visitation package is $ 4500.00

Funeral Home B - One day visitation Package is  $ 4200.00

Calling up and simply asking for the service charge you would think that funeral home B is offering a more reasonable price. However, lets take it a step further;

The family has opted for Burial and need to select a casket.

Funeral Home A - Solid Oak Casket Model # 12- retails at $ 3000.00

Funeral Home B - Solid Oak Casket Model #12- retails at $ 3700.00

So you can see the same product is actually $700.00 cheaper at Funeral Home A

Total for Funeral Home A is -  $ 7500.00

Total for Funeral Home B is -  $ 7900.00

If a shopper is only shopping on service charge, they would have paid a higher price for funeral services in this case.

Other things to consider while shopping around:

-Parking: Is there enough? You may not be the only family that is using the facilities on that day.
-Is the funeral home technologically equipped for your families needs ie recording of service, flat screens to play DVDs, etc.